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Online Brand Exploitation:

How attackers damage your reputation and steps to prevent them

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The online brand exploitation problem

If your organisation conducts business online and provides your customers and partners with secure web-access to your systems, the likelihood is that your brand is already being exploited through the web.

While IT and security professionals see phishing emails directed at their organisations every day, there is an opportunity for hackers to adopt typo-squatting to mimic your brands. No business has the time or resources to manually scour the web on a regular basis searching for these pre-emptive attacks. Wouldn’t it be easier if you could rely on technology to complete this task going forwards?

This on-demand webinar looks at the scale of the online brand exploitation problem. Danielle Papadakis – Product Manager and Nick Riley – European Emerging Technologies Specialist will provide some specific examples across multiple industries, discussing best practices for finding, blocking and ultimately taking down spoofed domains on the web.

This webinar is relevant for anyone in a role that has responsibility for protecting their customers, partners and their organisation from brand impersonation and exploitation.

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Webinar Presenters.

Danielle Papadakis

Danielle Papadakis

Product manager, Mimecast

Danielle holds a BSc in computer science from the Interdisciplinary Center University in Herzliya, Israel.

With expertise in cyber security, threat intelligence, and deep insight into customer facing phishing, Danielle had a major role in Segasec’s development and acquisition.

Nick Riley

European Emerging Technologies Specialist, Mimecast

Nick joined Mimecast in 2013, progressing to lead Security Awareness Training for Europe. A subject matter expert, Nick helps organisations understand how to keep their employees engaged and delivers valuable insight on how to use training data to understand behavioral risk at the end user level. He is now bringing his expertise to the area of online brand exploitation.

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  • Discover some real life examples of brand exploitation across various industries.
  • Get the latest tips on how to find, block and take down domains.
  • Find out how you can protect your customers and partners from these attacks.

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