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Virtual Boardroom

Fortifying Your Security and Risk Infrastructure

November 26, 2020 | 3:00pm CET

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With the ever-present threat of cyberattacks, more so now throughout the evolving Covid-19 pandemic, requiring more employees to work remotely, network security has never been more important in protecting vital corporate data. It is also essential to ensure that network infrastructure, users, and customer data be secured, no matter where that data is stored. Domain Name Systems (DNS) as an initial network service is critical for connectivity but cannot be overlooked as a first-level security control, especially in times of crisis and change, for example the recent surge in remote workers.  

As cyberattacks escalate, detecting malware, helping to prevent and disrupt command and control communication, ransomware & phishing attacks is imperative, especially as we look ahead to a world which will be much different, post-Covid-19. This is where DNS comes in. It can help with all of this and much more, but are you leveraging it as part of your security controls and processes?

In this virtual session, you will learn:

  • The value of DNS as part of your cyber strategy
  • How DNS can provide your SIEM with actionable intelligence
  • The ability to add value to other security controls, such as vulnerability scanners and end point protection
  • The role that DNS plays in cyber-attacks—and, more importantly, how DNS holds the key to stopping them

Join Infoblox and other senior IT decision makers as we highlight the key challenges currently faced and solutions to overcome them when it comes to incorporating DNS as part of your cyber security strategy, as well as discussing how to accelerate threat resolution within your organisation.

    Boardroom Moderator.

    Gary Cox

    Gary Cox

    Security Architect, Infoblox

    Gary Cox is a CISSP certified cyber security professional with over 25 years of IT/Security experience working across multiple verticals including public sector, banking, media and service providers. Gary joined Infoblox in 2010 to work with major accounts in the UK and subsequently lead the team of systems engineers in the UK. Currently he has an EMEA wide role as a product specialist covering Infoblox’s BloxOne SaaS platform.

    Why Attend.

    This virtual boardroom will equip you with real-life case studies and unite security professionals and IT operations on the same team, to enable you to detect and block threats early in the kill chain, identify compromised devices and fortify security and risk frameworks and maximise existing security investments. By participating you will:

    • Understand the key threat investigation starting point – the next steps
    • Delve into the unique properties of DNS that make it the perfect enforcement point for stopping malicious malware in its tracks
    • How to fill the gaps left behind by other security tools
    • Gain insight into how threat detection automation can reduce attack dwell times
    • Learn how your infrastructure can enhance visibility, security, and reliability
    • Join your senior peers to find more efficient ways to successfully defend against malware, ransomware, and data exfiltration
    • Better understand the challenges faced and shared by your peers – a sharing of perspectives
    • Best practices to detect, block, and investigate attacks from within your organisation

    Solution Partner.

    Infoblox leads the way to next-level DDI with its Secure Cloud-Managed Network Services with 8,000 customers including 350 of the Fortune 500. Infoblox brings next-level security, reliability and automation to on-premises, cloud and hybrid networks, setting customers on a path to a single pane of glass for network management. Next-level security helps protect against the rising flood of cyberattacks, leveraging 14 billion threat indicators and 30 plus API security integrations. Next-level reliability provides a Tier 1 foundation with five nines availability, delivered as software-defined services. Next-level automation reduces manual tasks by 70% and annual costs by more than $1 million.

    “Solid event to share experiences with peers. Reconfirming & reassuring.”

    Global Head of Analytics, Shell