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Virtual Boardroom

Security-led Digital Transformation 

November 5, 2020 | 3:00pm CET

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How security needs to be at the forefront of your digital transformation thinking 

2020 has and continues to be a challenging year. It has required many organisations to rethink their work environments including technology, processes, and cybersecurity. Now more than ever, digital transformation is imperative to successfully operate in the current landscape. This accelerated move isn’t without its security complications causing new burdens to an existing overstretched security team. 

With this enhanced need to move to an ever-increasing digital work environment, organisations are embracing digital transformation strategies earlier and more vigorously than previously anticipated. Security teams, therefore, need to ensure they are agile and have the ability to adapt quickly to the new challenges that arise with these rapid changes. This can be a stretch for many security teams who are under-resourced, burdened by false positives and firefighting just to get through the daily alerts. 

Join Google Chronicle and other senior IT and security leaders and decision-makers during this interactive virtual boardroom as we discuss the best practices that can lead your organisation’s digital transformation, enabling you to communicate with your peers on the key challenges faced and preparations you should consider before, during and throughout the process.

During this roundtable, we will discuss challenges faced by security teams including:

  • What is driving your digital transformation?
  • How to promote good cyber practices within your organisation
  • What tools and processes are leading you in your digital transformation. And what are you missing?
  • How to ensure your security tools allow you to make informed security decisions

Google Cloud Security Participant.

Chris Martin

Chris Martin

Senior Security Specialist, Chronicle - Google Cloud

Chris Martin is a Senior Security Specialist at Chronicle, Google Cloud, with 20+ years experience in Infosec, providing consultancy services in both the private and public sector organisations across the globe, specifically focusing on Cloud and SIEM implementation and use cases.

Why Attend.

This virtual boardroom will equip you with real-life case studies and insights, enabling you to unite with your peers to openly discuss the digital transformation journey you are either thinking of beginning and implementing or are already in the process of establishing. By participating you will:

  • Gain insight and perspective on the priorities which should be at the top of your to-do list for the next six months and beyond
  • How and why security should be at the forefront of your digital transformation thinking
  • Be aware of the key security risks associated before deployment and better understand how to have a more robust resilience plan in place
  • Join your senior colleagues to find more efficient ways to better navigate disruptive changes to the ever-increasing digital work environment
  • Challenges faced and shared by your peers in securing digital transformation – a sharing of perspectives
  • Key takeaways: What your next steps should be on your digital transformation journey

Solution Partner.

Chronicle, now part of Google Cloud, is focused on enterprise cybersecurity solutions. We leverage massive data and compute resources to analyse and fight cyber threats. Our security analytics platform helps enterprise security teams investigate incidents and hunt for threats in their networks, at the speed of search. All of our products are designed to make sense of threat information and security telemetry on a global scale. Delivered as secure cloud services, our solutions remove the cost, complexity, and effort of on-premise intelligence technologies, and enable security teams to focus on protecting what matters most.

“Solid event to share experiences with peers. Reconfirming & reassuring.”

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