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Virtual Boardroom

Accelerate Productivity
by Simplifying Your VDI

September 9, 2020 | 3:00pm BST

Duration: 90-minutes

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Users in today’s evolving ‘workplace’ expect to access their apps and data across multiple devices, especially during the current pandemic, and at a time when much of the workforce is working remotely. Virtual desktops and applications make this possible by letting users seamlessly switch from one device to another, picking up where they left off.

However, complex, fail-proof designs can come at a cost. For overloaded IT teams, the infrastructure required for desktop and application virtualisation can create significant challenges. These can include high costs as well as lengthy deployment lead times and complex ongoing management.

Intelligent Infrastructure allows you to achieve the best experience for your anytime, anywhere workforce.

Organisations have had to react quickly and in enabling the majority of their staff to work remotely they found that their standard infrastructure could not cope with the increased activity, resulting in I/O bursts from boot storms and anti-virus scans which ground productivity to a halt. With the use of Intelligent infrastructure, IT departments can manage each virtual desktop automatically in just minutes. With this flexibility, users can scale with ease, as well as delivering a better end-user experience.

Now, more so than ever before, mobility and the need to support remote workers is a driver for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) adoption. By simplifying central desktop management throughout the workforce, organisations can gain unprecedented flexibility, productivity improvements and cost savings while ensuring data is protected and secure against possible points of failure of attack.

At this virtual boardroom you will hear how South Eastern Health and Social Care approached their VDI project which started in 2012, long before we could have envisaged the impact of 2020. They will talk through the lessons that they have learned along the way and what their VDI estate looks like now. Their experience means that they are well placed to tackle the ever-evolving working landscape and how that may change post-pandemic, as well as offer insights into how to tackle your VDI journey allowing you to transition to the ‘new normal’ way of working.

Boardroom Moderators.

Darren Henderson

Darren Henderson

Assistant Director Technology and Telecoms, South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust

Darren has been working in IT within the Healthcare industry for over 28 years and is responsible for the delivery of technology to aid Healthcare professionals in both the acute hospital setting and the within the community setting.

Martin McPeake

Martin McPeake

ICT Operations Manager, South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust

Over the past 10 years Martin has been involved in designing and enabling a “follow me desktop” VDI solution for both clinical hospital users and mobile community users.  Main technologies used are VMware Horizon, WorkSpaceOne, Imprivata OneSign and Tintri VMstore.  The next step on this journey is to create a “Digital Workspace” to enable users to open clinical applications anywhere, on any device, including BYOD. 

Ross Cooper-Smith

Ross Cooper-Smith

Principal Architect, Tintri

Ross is an IT architect with over 20 years’ experience and a primary focus on storage infrastructure and cloud solutions.  The storage market has never been more complex and with experience related to traditional disk arrays, hybrid arrays to All Flash and NVMe Ross advises and assists all types of organisations across a broad range of sectors on how to achieve their strategic goals. Clients include those in the legal, banking, oil & gas and public sector including nuclear power stations. 

Why Attend.

Why you should register:

  • Shared insights on how to develop intelligent infrastructure that delivers the VDI your workforce needs

  • Best practices and steps to consider how to simplify and automate VDI management so you can scale with ease while delivering a consistent end-user experience

  • An in-depth look at how adding virtual desktops doesn’t have to be a management headache

  • Examples of how best to provide end-to-end data integrity, security, and availability

  • Insights from your peers on how standard infrastructures are not built for virtualised environments and how the wrong storage can derail your VDI initiative

  • Customer case study: Hear first-hand how South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust have deployed VDI and SSO, challenges faced and solutions to overcome them

  • Key takeaways: Resources to better equip yourself, your team, and the wider organisation

Solution Partner.

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