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Virtual Boardroom

The new workplace:

reimagining working life

in 2021 and beyond

July 21, 2020 | 3:00pm BST

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CISOs and CIOs are under pressure to rapidly implement and enable flexible & remote working for their workforce.

Millions of people throughout the country are now working remotely. For some, this new way of working comes as a welcome relief; no more commuting, less distractions, and a noticeably improved work life balance. For others, however, this overnight shift to remote working has caused constraints for their day to day routine and work life balance.

Many companies, across all sectors, had not implemented flexible or remote working strategies and have therefore had to rapidly put in place new measures for their workforces. As a result, it has placed a lot of pressure on CIOs and CISOs, who have been had to make this happen quickly and securely across complex digital infrastructures. This fundamental shift in how people work has also led to challenges for businesses where a business’ survival can depend on its ability and speed to adapt and evolve during this time.

Given the current backdrop of COVID-19, this has made many businesses and employees reflect on not only how we need to work now but also what the future holds and question what their industry will ultimately look like. What do those industries do if working from home isn’t a capability of the business?

Boardroom Moderator.

Max Faun

Max Faun

EMEA Head of Business Consulting, Okta

Max leads Okta’s European Business Consulting Practice. Prior to joining Okta he worked at Accenture, advising Global 20000 clients across numerous industry groups on strategic decisions. He is passionate about the business implications of modern identity from a financial, security and user productivity perspective as well as wider technology trends. Max holds an MA in Intelligence and Security as well as a BA in International Relations.

Why Attend.

This Virtual Boardroom will equip you with real life case studies of how businesses have transitioned or are planning to evolve in the very near future, as well as insights into the scale of this ‘new normal’ way of working and how it affects a wide range of industries. You will also gain:


  • An overview of why building employee trust within organisations matters today, more so than ever before
  • Analysis into the rise in security issues seen across multi sector businesses and the impact of these
  • Gain clarity on what business concerns you have at present and further afield
  • In depth examination of the new realities of a remote workforce and how you can better understand and respond to them
  • How you can be more open to the lessons that can be learned from external disruptors and be willing to revisit the underpinnings of processes and entire business models
  • Tangible tips and guidance about how to reap the rewards of a new, dynamic way of working within your organisation

Solution Partner.

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“Solid event to share experiences with peers. Reconfirming & reassuring.”

Global Head of Analytics, Shell