Virtual Boardroom

How to Reap the Benefits of Secure Digital Engagement, Now and in the Future

April 21, 2021  |  3:00pm BST

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Organisations of all sizes have been accelerating their digital communication efforts, especially since the onset of COVID-19 and the shift to remote working. And while many have long felt forced to choose between usability and security when it comes to communicating digitally, that’s no longer the case.

A common misconception is that digital security is complex, intricate and will require many changes in the way people work. But organisations struggle to combine security with usability, and they need both to reap the benefits of digital communication in terms of efficiency and higher customer engagement and satisfaction.

Usability should not be equated with simplicity in technology, but rather a simplicity in use. For the non-tech savvy, modern security solutions that require behavioural changes or additional user actions, are not only disruptive but also intangible. The result is that adoption rates are low and data breaches become more likely.

Failure to effectively secure outbound communications can put your organisation’s reputation at serious risk and be very costly. That’s because the top causes of data leaks worldwide, including in the UK, are incidents due to human error. Hackers tend to make the headlines, but your staff are often putting sensitive data most at risk by making mistakes while carrying out their regular tasks.

Throughout the 90-minute virtual boardroom, you’ll join Zivver and other senior IT leaders and decision-makers which will equip you with insights and enable you to unite with your peers to openly discuss what the ingredients are to a successful enablement of future-proof digital communications, including practical advice from organisations who have done it successfully. You will also hear from Zivver’s CIO and co-founder, Rick Goud, as he discusses top communication challenges in the public sector, with real client case examples. You’ll hear how these organisations successfully future-proofed their digital communications with modern solutions for enhanced data protection.

Boardroom Speaker.

Rick Goud

Rick Goud

Chief Information Officer, Zivver

Before co-founding Zivver, Rick Goud spent six years as a healthcare consultant for Gupta Strategists. He had studied Medical Information Science at the UvA and Care Management at Erasmus University. Additionally, he holds a PhD in Medicine from the UVA on the development, implementation, and evaluation of healthcare support systems. Throughout his studies, Rick worked as a programmer. The idea to launch his own company was conceived during Rick’s career as a strategy consultant. As a health industry consultant, he noticed that a wide range of sensitive data was being frequently handled within organisations, this included patient information, company performance, and legal documents. Many of his clients had questions about data security and how data was being re-used etc. He realised that there was a strong need for a secure communication solution to safeguard and manage sensitive data, and shortly afterwards, Zivver was born.

Steven Clarke

Steven Clarke

Strategic Account Director, Zivver

For over three decades, Steven has specialised in facilitating growth for UK-based and global technology companies, often working closely with the UK public sector in the NHS, Central and Local Government, helping deliver on their digital transformation strategies. In recent years, the focus has been on helping these same organisations to achieve consistent data confidentiality and information security.

Why Attend.

By participating in this session, you’ll learn and obtain:

  • A sharing of experiences of how COVID-19 accelerated the need for digital communication, and the challenges that brings
  • Examples of how the right secure digital communication tools can lower your costs, increase efficiency, and improve stakeholder satisfaction
  • Gain insight and perspective into international public sector organisations who have successfully embraced digital communications and achieved better risk mitigation, cost control and take-up
  • Key takeaways: Resources to better equip yourself, your team, and the wider organisation and how to reap the benefits of secure digital communication both now, and in the future

Solution Partner.

90% of data leaks are caused by human behaviour yet email security is focused on external threats. Organisations are now critically exposed by a lack of security and compliance, putting reputation, efficiency, and careers at risk. Zivver is trusted by over 4000 organisations of all sizes to safeguard people and their data that matters by providing email data protection which balances security and usability. Our user-friendly platform works before, during and after, a communication is sent, enabling your team to prevent data leaks by achieving full regulatory compliance, while at the same time improving business performance.

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“Very good event giving the chance to many colleagues to share their opinion, knowledge and worries around different subjects.”


“Informative, insightful & relevant.”

Head of IT, London Borough of Richmond & Wandsworth

“The event provided the opportunity to interact directly with my peers from different backgrounds and organisations. It also provided new insights, as well as confirmations of challenges and possible next steps.”

Business Solutions Team Lead – Networking, Datacenter and Security, Bechtle

“A really great, low-sales way to network with fellow professionals, in many difference sectors - ALWAYS a great discussion!"

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“It was great to hear about the challenges, considerations and the success achieved by our peers in the market."

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“The topic of the event allowed a very valuable conversation, considering that it relates to each one of us. I appreciated the diversity of the participants in terms of roles and responsibilities as it allowed for a more varied discussion.”

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