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Preparing Your IT Infrastructure for 2021 — In the Wake of COVID-19

February 23, 2021  |  3:00pm GMT

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Many organisations have found IT crucial to their ability to continue operations in light of COVID-19 and we are increasingly finding that IT leaders are re-thinking their long-term strategies as a result.

The last year has provided more change than anyone expected with a shift in direction to technologies required to support the remote workforce.

This time of change has also given IT teams the opportunity to review how they work, the systems they use and ask, “Is there a better way of doing things?”

With a recent Gartner poll on Future of Work Trends Post COVID-19 showing that 48% of employees will work remotely at least part time after COVID-19 versus 30% before the pandemic, are you happy that the infrastructure and architecture you have today is coping with the new way of working?

During this virtual boardroom you will hear from Alastair Jones, Director of IT Operations at Ratesetter with specific emphasis and insight into the changes they made when it came to the performance of their legacy systems. Their experience means that they are well placed to tackle the ever-evolving working landscape and how that may change post-pandemic, as well as offer insights into how to best understand and tackle the changing landscape to transition to the new normal way of working. Alastair will share further experiences and examples of how having the right storage will deliver exceptional performance at the right cost.

Boardroom Speakers.

Alastair Jones

Alastair Jones

Director of Information Systems & Security, RateSetter

An agent of significant change & growth with a proven history of taking, building and evolving platforms, processes, products, people, and teams from the Startup phase to the Enterprise. Twenty-years’ experience of IT strategy, budgeting & management with technical expertise from desk-side, platform and IasS / PaaS / SaaS IT Operations, database administration, reporting & analytics, Information Security, four-nines web farms, voice & Incident and Problem Management; as at home in the comms room with POE Injectors, as the boardroom with Executive Directors.

Ross Cooper-Smith

Ross Cooper-Smith

Principal Architect, Tintri

Ross is an IT architect with over 20 years’ experience and a primary focus on storage infrastructure and cloud solutions. The storage market has never been more complex and with experience related to traditional disk arrays, hybrid arrays to All Flash and NVMe Ross advises and assists all types of organisations across a broad range of sectors on how to achieve their strategic goals. Clients include those in the legal, banking, oil & gas and public sector including nuclear power stations.

Why Attend.

Join RateSetter, Tintri and other senior IT leaders and decision-makers during this interactive virtual boardroom which will equip you with insights and enable you to unite with your peers to openly discuss the preparation of IT infrastructure for 2021. During the discussion, we will also be addressing:

  • Shared experiences on the impact of COVID-19 within IT departments

  • Best practices and steps when considering how to provide an IT infrastructure able to support the post-COVID workplace

  • Insights from your peers on how legacy, standard infrastructures are not built for virtualised environments and are costing you too much money for the performance you receive

  • Examples of how having the right storage will allow you to scale with ease while delivering a consistent end-user experience

  • Customer case study: Hear first-hand how Ratesetter’s search for a better solution led them to Tintri Intelliflash

  • Key takeaways: Resources to better equip yourself, your team, and the wider organisation as the way we work and interact shifts post COVID-19

Solution Partner.

Based in Silicon Valley, Tintri is a wholly owned subsidiary of DataDirect Networks (DDN), the data-at scale powerhouse and world’s largest privately held storage company. Tintri solutions serve the needs of enterprise data centers with intelligent infrastructure. Our product portfolio includes advanced technologies from Tintri, Nexenta and IntelliFlash. This portfolio offers a fresh choice and a new experience to elevate your user experiences through automation, analytic insight, and tight integration with application workflows for your enterprise applications, including mission-critical databases and business applications, virtualization, and flexible software defined solutions. Learn more about the Tintri portfolio of solutions at

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