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Is Digital Transformation Driving the Need for DevSecOps?

December 3, 2020 | 3:00pm GMT

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A recent survey showed digital transformation is the biggest risk factor for senior executives. The automation of traditional IT processes enables greater efficiencies, secure software development and a sustainable competitive advantage.

There are over 20 million developers working for enterprise organisations across the globe. The universal desire for faster innovation and digital transformation has led to DevOps empowered developers demanding efficient reuse of code, which in turn has led to a growing dependence on open source and third-party software libraries. This velocity means applications are developed faster but it also introduces new security risks.

A secure foundation for software innovation is the ultimate source of competitiveness and value creation for almost every type of business. As a result, three things are increasingly common among corporate software engineering teams and the 20 million software developers that work for them:

  • They seek faster innovation
  • They seek improved security
  • They utilise a massive volume of open source libraries

Join Sonatype, Barrier Networks and other Senior IT Decision Makers as we discuss how the modern software supply chain and the drive for digital innovation is putting organisations at risk. And whether it is time to empower every developer to be a DevSecOps expert.

    Boardroom Moderators.

    Ian McGowan

    Ian McGowan

    Managing Partner/Cyber Security Professional, Barrier Networks

    Ian McGowan has more than 20 years’ experience in cyber security over a range of industries including Finance, Defence and Government. Working with many enterprises and government bodies, Ian also speaks at many events and hosts numerous cyber security panels.

    Nick Coombs

    Nick Coombs

    VP - EMEA, Sonatype

    Nick Coombs has almost thirty years of technology experience with companies such as Hewlett-Packard, VERITAS, DELL and F5. He is passionate about helping companies mitigate the risk of using open source libraries in their applications.

    Why Attend.

    This virtual boardroom will equip you with real-life case studies and unite security professionals and IT operations on the same team, to empower you to continuously identify and remediate open source risk, without slowing down innovation. By participating you will:

    • Automatically identify open source risk and mitigate digital transformation cybersecurity risk
    • Oversee new cyber risks whilst still supporting new technology initiatives
    • Achieve strategic transformation initiatives by streamlining software development processes and enabling increased speed to market with new products
    • Focus on automation to achieve digital transformation objectives

    Solution Partners.

    More than 10 million software developers rely on Sonatype to innovate faster while mitigating security risks inherent in open source. Sonatype’s Nexus platform combines in-depth component intelligence with real-time remediation guidance to automate and scale open source governance across every stage of the modern DevOps pipeline. Our machine learning engine (Nexus Intelligence) has analysed more than 70 million open source libraries, and we continuously feed this intelligence to our customers, so they make better innovation decisions early and everywhere across their development lifecycle. DevOps teams eliminate friction associated with manual governance and ship secure software faster than ever — which makes everyone happy:  developers, security professionals, and IT ops.  

    Sonatype is laser focused on helping organisations continuously harness all of the good that open source offers, without any of the risk.  To do this, we’ve invested in knowing more about the quality of open source than anyone else in the world. This investment takes the form of machine learning, AI, and human expertise, which in aggregate, produces highly curated intelligence that is infused into every Nexus product. Over 1,000 organizations and 10 million developers use Sonatype to make better decisions, innovate faster at scale, and rest comfortably knowing their applications consist of the highest quality open source components.

    Barrier Networks are a cybersecurity service provider and value-added reseller. Their mission is to help their customers build cyber resilience and develop strategies to defend against cyberattacks, both external and internal threat actors.

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