Virtual Boardroom

Role of Leadership, Technology and the Cloud in Building a Resilient Business

March 16, 2021  |  2:00pm GMT

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Opening Session: Introduction

20 minutes

If there is something the last 12 months has taught us, is that businesses need to be prepared for a wide range of scenarios. Business resilience is not just about making sure the IT is recoverable, but also the wider scope of how the business can stay operational on an organisational level.

These three boardroom sessions will look at some of the ingredients in making a business more resilient: Leadership, Technology, and effective use of the Cloud.


Session Hosts


Dave Hitchmough

Head of IT, Headlam Group PLC


Chris Huggett

Senior Vice President (Europe & India), Sungard Availability Services


Boardroom 1: Resilient Leadership - SESSION FULL

45 minutes

Regardless of the current environment, the success of any business is reliant on strong leadership, having the confidence to make the right decisions under pressure when required. Alongside this, being able to communicate effectively in a crisis and have resilient infrastructure can all help make your organisation resilient, but is it enough? What are the other risks to business resilience?

During this virtual boardroom session, we will discuss with delegates as to what makes a resilient leadership team and how businesses can learn from the current environment. The aim is not to just focus on the last 12 months, but to also consider the long-term trends and constants.

Key discussion points will include:

  • Current and future risk landscape
  • Importance of communication in a crisis and the key to effective crisis management
  • Regulatory pressures and considerations for leadership
  • Supply chain resilience

*This boardroom is most suitable for the following job functions: Business Continuity, Service Continuity, Disaster, Recovery, Risk, Resilience


Boardroom Host


Thomas Holloway

Principal Resilience Consultant, Sungard Availability Services

Tom has worked within Sungard AS’s Business Resilience Consulting Practise since 2017. Prior to joining he was COO of an independent Media Production company with a presence on three continents. Before working in the Private Sector Tom served in the Armed Forces, retiring in 2016 with 22 years’ Regular service, finishing his career as Head of the British Army’s Media and Communications department. He specialises in working with Board-level Executives to improve and develop their capability to manage crises, with a focus on aspects of leadership and communication. Tom also helps our clients develop strategies and frameworks for their organisational and operational resilience, and full lifecycle Business Continuity implementation. ​

Since joining Sungard AS, Tom has worked with customers in finance, insurance, broadcasting, media and market research. He is a fluent French speaker and routinely presents to French audiences at Board and Executive level in France and Luxembourg, in addition to clients in the UK. Tom regularly writes on aspects of business resilience; his articles have been published in national newspapers as well as in industry publications. He presents at Business Continuity (BC) Conferences on Crisis Communications.​

Boardroom 2: Resilient Technology and Complex Recovery

45 minutes

2020 has seen an acceleration in digital transformation. As businesses move to hybrid public and private cloud environments, sometimes in haste, operational environments have become more complex. This complexity has consequences not only for everyday operations but also for recovery activity should the business become the victim of a complex cyber-attack.

During this roundtable we will discuss the application suitability and management of multi-cloud environments / complex recovery and what measures businesses can put in place to help keep their platforms resilient. With the increased number of high-profile cyber-attacks, we will also look at the challenges around recovering cyber compromised data and the steps businesses can take.

Key discussion points will include:

  • Treating cloud transformation from a strategic level, not just on a technology level
  • Choosing platforms based on application suitability
  • Why effective recovery from a cyber-attack differs from traditional IT Disaster Recovery (ITDR)
  • Understanding your impact tolerances, protecting your critical business activities, the critical supporting applications and technology and the vital data assets

 *This boardroom is most suitable for the following job functions: IT, Infrastructure, Operations (IT specific), Storage, Technical, Transformation, Cloud


Boardroom Hosts


John Young

Vice President, Global Solution Engineering and Architecture (EMEA), Sungard Availability Services

John Young is the Vice President Global Solution Engineering and Architecture (EMEA) for Sungard Availability Services. His team is responsible for translating the business needs of the customer base into viable technical solutions that address those business needs. John joined Sungard Availability Services in 2017.

Prior to joining Sungard AS, John was the Head of Strategic Sales (EMEA) for Experian, the Credit Reference and Big Data company. His role was to lead the GTM for the top EMEA customers across EMEA. He led both Sales and Pre-sales teams there and had a major hand in creating their Sales Opportunity and Risk management programme focused on delivering best value to the company and customers alike.

Before Experian, John held a number of leadership roles at the American Network provider AT&T in a career of almost 18 years, most recently as the Associate Vice President for Technical Sales Consulting (EMEA). Whilst there he led both Sales and pre-sales teams, as well as spending time in Process Engineering and Compliance.


Martin Davies

Lead  Principal  Consultant - Transition and Transformation, Sungard Availability Services UK

Martin is a Business Development/Technical Architect/Consultant with over 30 years’ experience across IT support industry, who has helped build companies and their client relations through strong technical and commercial knowledge. A people person with a highly engaging style underpinned by technical credibility.

Currently responsible for supporting sales and delivery of Cloud solutions primarily within UKI but also across EMEA and North America. Key roles in providing pre-sales business development, leading, and delivering on consulting projects and contributing to the overall development of the Consulting Practice.

Major focus on leading, managing and contributing to delivery of Cloud consulting engagements and commercially accountable for engagement revenue, margin, client satisfaction and on-going relationship to develop follow on services.

Boardroom 3: Challenges of Hybrid Cloud Adoption

45 minutes

Over the past year many businesses have accelerated their transformation plans, but this has brought its own challenges; what is suitable for Public Cloud? Is Private Cloud the best option? What can be done with applications that cannot be moved to the cloud? What are your options if you have moved to the cloud and it is not working for you?

During this roundtable session we will discuss the challenges you face adopting and managing a Hybrid or Multi-cloud Infrastructures. How you become agile and remaining secure and how you can maintain momentum. Alongside this we will also look at how moving to the cloud should be part of a wider business strategy and not just focused on IT.

Discussions will also include:

  • How do you select the right platform for the right workloads?
  • How do you manage your costs?
  • How do you build security and connectivity into your cloud strategy?
  • How do you build resilience into your cloud strategy?

*This boardroom is most suitable for the following job functions: IT, Infrastructure, Operations (IT specific), Storage, Technical, Transformation, Cloud


Boardroom Hosts


Edwina Murphy

Team Lead – Cloud Solutions (Europe), Sungard Availability Services

Edwina Murphy is the Team Lead for the Cloud specialist team in EMEA. From the customers point of view the roles acts as an agnostic resource that sits between the sales and technical teams.

Focused on achieving business outcomes through consistent collaboration and cadence with all areas of the business to ensure we are focused on driving change that delivers for our customers. Building critical mass of support for cloud technologies through thought leadership, enthusiasm paired with many years of experience, the cloud team supports customers with complex challenges, adopt creative, robust and efficient cloud solutions.


Leon Godwin

Specialist – Cloud Technical Sales (Europe), Sungard Availability Services

Leon Godwin is the Principal Cloud Evangelist for EMEA. The role of a cloud evangelist sits somewhere between the duties of a product marketer and the Sungard AS’ direct link to customers. Building critical mass of support for cloud technologies through thought leadership, enthusiasm paired with many years of experience, Leon supports customers with complex challenges, adopt creative, robust, and efficient cloud solutions.

He has a natural aptitude for solving complex tasks and using innovative solutions to resolve customer problems.

Closing Panel Discussion

30-45 minutes

The audience across all three virtual boardrooms will reconvene for a dedicated panel discussion made up of each roundtable host, offering a stimulating discussion and an opportunity for the audience to gain insights into the roundtables they didn’t participate in, and to ask any questions they may have before the close of the virtual event.

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As a result, our customers can streamline and manage complexity, minimize risk and adapt to change, while capitalizing on the opportunities that digital transformation offers. 

With 40 years of disaster recovery experience, we know how to keep mission-critical operations highly available for our customers. It is why more than 70 percent of Fortune 100 companies rely on us for resilient and recoverable IT.

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Head of IT, London Borough of Richmond & Wandsworth

“The event provided the opportunity to interact directly with my peers from different backgrounds and organisations. It also provided new insights, as well as confirmations of challenges and possible next steps.”

Business Solutions Team Lead – Networking, Datacenter and Security, Bechtle

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“The topic of the event allowed a very valuable conversation, considering that it relates to each one of us. I appreciated the diversity of the participants in terms of roles and responsibilities as it allowed for a more varied discussion.”

Cloud & Infrastructure Lead, L&Q Group